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Duke Transit: Duke Transit Schedules posted Friday, April 21, 2017

Dear Duke Transit passengers,

Due to the nature of a GPS system, Transloc may occasionally experience "no prediction" or other technical issues.  If this occurs, we appreciate your in-app feedback to help us resolve these issues as they occur.  You can also report problems by sending a screenshot to tranpark@duke.edu.

In case of technical difficulties with the Transloc system, passengers can find Duke Transit schedules online at parking.duke.edu/bus.  Duke Transit will always maintain its scheduled service, unless traffic or weather conditions prevent safe operation of our vehicles.  In the case of a service outage, passengers will receive a push notification from Transloc, see an announcement in the Announcements section of the Transloc app or desktop application, and/or see an Inclement Weather Alert on the parking.duke.edu website.  

If a service outage has not been announced, Duke Transit is still operating on a normal schedule.  Please check online schedules for arrival time information for your transit route and stop.